by Janice Kim on January 14, 2012

For the past several days, the immortal lyrics off of They Might Be Giants’ first album have been going through my head:


I’ve got two songs in me

And this is

Number three


Unfortunately, however, this is where my mind goes blank.

I figured I might as well relate this as the chance at my third posting will never come again. When you engage in this type of thinking process, every day can hold a unique charm, and every game can be the one where you break on through to shodan, or 9 dan, or where ever you need to be. Consider that a 2 kyu that has been playing for about ten years probably does not have less experience or knowledge than the 2 dan who has been playing for about ten years. The 2 kyu doesn’t need to learn more joseki, the 2 kyu needs to experience a memorable moment. I’ll share with you one of mine, it’s a memory more than thirty years old that I’m pretty sure I didn’t make up. This is at least several percentage points of my total knowledge about Go.


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