Life, the Universe, and Everything

by Janice Kim on March 4, 2012

What is 42?

  1. 6×7
  2. the answer to everything
  3. the age I was when after trying every other possibility (in some cases, many times, because while rats learn, I frequently do the exact same thing again and again to confirm failure), I finally went for the obvious and tried to solve my conundrum “What is Go?” applying game logic.



  • A way of winning.


  • An artificial conflict with rules.


  • A game with consequences flowing from simple rules and nearly unlimited possibilities.
  1.      Players take turns putting a piece on an intersection of a grid.
  2.      Pieces that are completely surrounded are removed.
  3.      The player who surrounds the most intersections is the winner.
  • Possessing the power to change, originating  internally, as a strategy in response to environmental conflict governed by natural laws.
environmental conflict:
  • The struggle to adapt in a world with nearly unlimited possibilities.

natural laws:

  • Consequences flowing from simple rules.


  • Growth through the attempt to change.

life strategy:

  • Use the same reasoning as you would in a Go game.

Go strategy:

  • Use your power to change, originating internally.

— If there are beings on Earth playing Go, then they are sentient.

Janice Kim


Joseki, Schmeki

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