48 Hours

January 23, 2012

[sgfPrepared id=”0″] Once in a hot pink moon I’ll go on a Go bender, when I throw off the thin, thin, thin mask of normalcy and indulge in ergonomically disastrous, unlimited Go playing and reviewing, a reverse Matrix where I’m plugged into an espresso machine, existential crisis at bay and the good times rolling. Luckily […]

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January 14, 2012

For the past several days, the immortal lyrics off of They Might Be Giants’ first album have been going through my head:   I’ve got two songs in me And this is Number three   Unfortunately, however, this is where my mind goes blank. I figured I might as well relate this as the chance […]

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Tales From the Crypt

January 4, 2012

Concerning last week’s post, I thought to wait another week to give everyone the chance to hit upon the answer to the logic puzzle. In the meantime, I offer the following, courtesy of Dr. Seuss: “Come, come,” said the King impatiently. “Sir Alaric, what do you make of all this nonsense?” “Very serious nonsense, Your […]

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What Hat Are You Wearing?

December 27, 2011

Perhaps you are familiar with logic puzzles involving hats. No? For example, imagine there are 10 prisoners and 10 hats. Each prisoner is assigned a random hat, either red or blue, but the number of each color hat is not known to the prisoners. The prisoners will be lined up single file where each can […]

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